Louise Bennett

Knowledge, Learning & Technology Leader

Personal Profile

Librarian, e-learning designer, instructional technologist, editor, product owner, manager, leader: I've worn a number of hats on my career already and I look forward to trying on a few more. I'm passionate about technology, innovation and education; I'm a self-motivating, efficient, creative and strategic thinker who loves to try new things and work out better ways of achieving and communicating end results. Since 2016, I've been in leadership roles, managing and empowering innovative teams of technologists, developers, designers and knowledge management specialists, and taking ownership over the products we build.

Skills Profile

I'm a jack-of-all-trades with skills that range from technical to analytical, and creative to managerial. Some highlights:


  • HTML, CSS, SQL, some PHP and JS
  • Installation and maintenance of web platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress, Mediawiki, Koha, and others
  • Extensive experience with Moodle (installation, maintenance, administration and development)
  • Extensive experience with e-learning development tools such as Adapt, H5P, and Rise
  • Intermediate Linux server administration
  • General computing skills to a high level (Windows, OSX, Linux)
  • Strong Sharepoint administration skills


  • Well-read and exceptionally literate, with highly developed writing skills and a strong grasp of grammar and cohesive writing structure.
  • Strong communication, presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills, including data analysis and evaluation.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner.
  • Able to multitask and juggle competing deadlines.
  • Self-motivated, and able to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Exceptionally good at problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Strong leadership skills, with experience managing large distributed teams.

Employment Highlights

  • Responsible for internal knowledge management and learning across an international non-profit working in the media development space.
  • Managed three systems (a Sharepoint-based Intranet, a Learning Management System, and a database used for monitoring and evaluation data collection), ensuring all were used efficiently and effectively and embedded into organisational work.
  • Developed improvement and project management processes, as well as communication and implementation plans, and a strong strategic direction.
  • Led on the procurement of new systems, including information gathering, requirement refining and organisational change and engagement efforts.
  • Oversaw numerous new initiatives, including consultation and review processes, taxonomy development and strategic roadmaps.
  • Led a small international team of specialists.
  • Responsible for library services, e-learning and learning platforms across two distinct NHS trusts.
  • Managed and oversaw systems and processes (procurement, administration, training, use) for the library, digital learning function, and other HR functions.
  • Supported the two Trusts in their shared goal to deliver training and development opportunities to all staff. Oversaw full lifecycle of learning products, from conception to delivery and review.
  • Developed and implemented strategic plans for the library, learning systems, and e-learning delivery.
  • Took a senior leadership role across two organisations, representing the department both internally and externally.
  • Managed budgets, staffing, vision, and reporting.
  • Responsible for technology and the implementation of design and innovation within a fast-paced e-learning team.
  • Managed a large team of developers, designers, technologists and other managers, growing the team from three to fourteen.
  • Acted as product owner for our technical developments, leading the roadmap and collaboration between the UX and development teams.
  • Supported personal development within the team, training others in essential skills; successfully mentored individuals who went on to more senior roles.
  • Implemented technological advances including new open-source e-learning development tools and designs. In particular, oversaw the development of the King's Online Design System.
  • Successfully delivered responsive, pedagogically sound e-learning to postgraduate students around the world, working within the King's Online team and with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Successfully launched a remote, game-based learning team in place to produce short pieces of interactive game-play to support learning.
  • Represented the organisation at high profile meetings within the university, as well as at conferences and events externally.
  • Project managed, designed, configured and launched the company's Moodle platform.
  • Project managed scoping exercise for the selection of a document management system.
  • Administered the Linux server used to host Moodle; also administered the Moodle installation and other systems linked in to it.
  • Developed and edited written content for spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow and suitability for online format.
  • Redeveloped face-to-face content to be suitable for online delivery using Moodle, Storyline, and other tools.
  • Worked closely with external stakeholders and partners to configure systems.
  • Supported staff, students and trainers in use of the system, as well as in content and administration of their studies.
  • Managed competing priorities and assigned tasks to eLearning team accordingly.
  • Hired to take a lead role in embracing new technologies within the library context. Oversaw procurement, project management, data migration and development of a number of new systems, including a new library management system, new learning management system, proxy server, and institutional repository.
  • Took ownership of the Institute's e-learning functions, from maintaining the system to training staff and students, developing materials, managing layout and design, and coordinating use across the Institute.
  • Administered and maintained several Linux servers used for both internal and external functions.
  • Developed and modified themes and designs for several websites, including the Institute homepage, e-learning system, library management system, and others.
  • Modified and enhanced existing open source software to better suit the Institute's unique requirements.
  • Generally, took a lead on innovation and using technology to improve the student experience; additionally, supported students in their studies with data-driven research.


Warringah Council Library Service

2007 - 2008

Curtin University

Graduate Certificate (Internet Communications) 2014

Charles Sturt University

Master of Applied Science (Library and Information Management) 2009

Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Science) 2006

Moodle, Enhanced: Designing and developing Moodle for fully online programmes

Moodlemoot UK & Ireland, September 2020

Building Games for Postgraduate Online Education, Internally: Some Lessons

Serious Play Conference, June 2020